Granparent of the Year Award
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GDM was created to provide the most up-to-date information particular to Australian Grandparents and their place in today’s society and to enhance their individual lifestyles in a stylish, glossy, online magazine.

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Grandparents are everywhere! They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and cultures.

Everybody has one!

We CONGRATULATE the 2013 (Australian) Grandparent Of The Year Award winners...

2013 Grandparent Of The Year - Pam MacKender from Mt. Austin, NSW


2013 Community Service Grandparent Of The Year - Joan O'Regan from Haberfield, NSW


To find out more - visit the Grandparent Of The Year Award website!

The perception of the word ‘Grandparent’ is in constant flux as we live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Some Grandparents bake, some ride motorcycles, some work, some live in a place far away. Most families have normal relations between Grandparent and Grandchild – however there are those who, in a dramatic change from just having their Grandkids over on the weekends, are reviving their former role of ‘parent’ at the time when they should be caring for themselves and preparing for retirement rather than fighting legal battles, dealing with significant financial worries, coping with a myriad of health, behavioral and social issues and in some cases - rearing children with special needs.

GDM will be a voice for these Grandparents too.

Funny, insightful, informative, controversial, contemporary, interesting and creative.

GDM will feature all aspects of what it’s like to be a Grandparent in today’s world with the latest in Travel, Technology, Motoring, Education, Home, Health, Food, Wine, Fashion, Leisure Time and the Arts.

Grandparents Day Magazine goes online on the first of March, June, Spetember and December each year.

Marsha Dearden-Cadd, Co-Founder & Co-Editor, GDM
Mary White, Co-Founder & Co-Editor, GDM




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